Ambushed Paintballing And Laser Tag Games
The most centrally located paintball site in Ireland
We are set in a 32 acre forest which is suitable for play in any weather
New Phenom Gun On-Site - Shoots up to 20 Balls per Second

Battle Zones and Games

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June 14, 2015

Over the years we have tried to get hens to play paintball, but we understand its to painful and nasty [...]

April 20, 2015

With the long evenings here, we can now do late games, maybe you would like to play after college or [...]

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Battle Zones

1) Checkpoint Charlie
– Dominated by the watch tower overlooking the entire zone it is up to the attacking team to use the natural cover of the forest to reach each checkpoint while the defending team tries to pick off their target from a height or ground level. Checkpoints are protected by large tyre walls providing the attacking team with just a small element of protection.

2) Saving Sergeant Ryan – Protect your team leader in a battle zone that lies next to a street front. Doors and windows provide the ideal shooting points for snipers to pick off your team one by one.

Paintballing Battle Zones

Real cars align the area heightening the effect of a war torn town battle zone. Use the surrounding run down conditions to your advantage. The attacking team fights through the carnage in a bold bid to capture the opposition’s leader while under the oncoming fire from the defending team.

3) Double Flag – In true jungle like conditions each team must attack with the sole objective of placing your team’s flag in the opposition’s base. Natural terrain dominates the battle zone. Each team must overcome the most natural of obstacles and find a way to cross the river with no bridge before their base camp is invaded.

4) Prison Siege - Rescue your comrade from the prison which is at the focal point of this battle zone. Time is of the essence as you have to establish a safe path into the prison which is surrounded by the opposition. Natural cover can aid your quest to secure the rescue mission but with time running out and the opposition providing constant fire how will your team react under the most pressurised of conditions.

5) Sandbag Hill – The intensity of this battle zone is heightened by the fact that all players are left within shooting distance of each other. The object of this game is to disable a grenade held by the opposition. The large sand bunkers and cannons will offer your team some protection as you battle through heavy fire in a bid to disarm the enemy

Most games are played twice with the roles reversed. In the case that both teams secure the objective of the mission time maybe used to decide the winning team. Each battle zone has a safe area where team members may go to for assistance. Our marshals will be on hand to ensure the safety of each game.